Our mission is to share our unique expertise in the cement and concrete industry to allow for each organization we support to receive relevant and critical insight to grow their businesses, expand their markets, understand the trends and exposures, to make valuable and more knowledgeable investment decisions for their customers and shareholders.

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our history

Concrete Results, Inc. is the expertise leader in providing a wide variety of clients with the information they need concerning the cement, concrete, fly ash, and concrete products industry in the US and International market.  

Having been actively consulting and employed in these industries since 1976 serving in a variety of Senior Executive positions and industry directorships, our perspectives are relevant, our data is borne of actual management experience, and our understanding of historical trends and the current state of the industry allows us to provide valuable insight into future trends, potential scenarios, and industry threats.   We also have a very strong understanding of the global marketplace and international organizations from our years of relevant work in the UK, Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Middle East.

We have consulted and supported many public and privately held cement and concrete companies, institutional investment firms, private equity analysts, fund managers, Wall Street investment analysts, large international consulting firms, and have performed extensive work for the US Federal Government.  Our unique understanding of the manufacturing, marketing, regulatory, and profitability requirements for industry success along with our extensive ongoing presence in the industry allows us to assist your company at whatever level your informational or support needs may be.

We also pride ourselves on providing a total solution for manufacturers of cement and concrete products throughout the world.  We can provide direction in sales, product specification, production, plant design, equipment, molds, batching, and innovative licensed products all focused on cement, concrete, specialty cements, fly ash, exterior cladding, pavers, wetcast, precast, stone veneer, pipe, and concrete block.

why call us


For most cement and concrete product manufacturers, the competitive landscape is becoming more complicated and the demands on time and talent often dictate which projects are addressed. More often than not, the items not addressed are equal in importance to the overall success of your company as those which are acted upon. With our extensive experience in management and manufacturing operations, we can help you tackle those projects on your “to do” list so you can start seeing results. We are driven by action and specialize in developing plans that specifically address your company’s objectives. 

Our 40 years of industry experience is directed toward cement, aggregates, ready mix concrete, concrete pavers, retaining walls, architectural concrete products, wet cast concrete, bagging operations, specialty cements, and manufactured stone veneer. 

Our industry is evolving, consolidating, and innovating at a rapid pace. What is the impact on your business, both today and in the future?  Should you choose to wait to act until your current workload subsides?  Our clients are growing their businesses in both good times and challenging times while building strong foundations for the future.  

Our advisory services to the financial investment markets, fund managers, private equity firms, banks, private placement firms, and even the US Government help provide analysts with clarity and true understanding of the markets, their dynamics, and the information you need to know to help you make better decisions for your company and your clients.

Getting concrete results begins by getting started down the right path and tapping into relevant knowledge and expertise.  Give us a call and let us help you get the results you are looking for.